Why you should read ‘The God of Small Things’


Sypnosis : After a spell in America, Rahel comes back to her native village,Ayemenem. She meets her twin brother,Estha,who has now turned mute,and she reminisces about the tragic incident that forever changed the course of their lives.

What you might like in ‘The God of Small Things’:

1. Booker Prize Winner
Every Booker Prize Winner is a masterpiece in its own right,and ‘The God of Small Things’,winner of the 1997 edition,is no exception. This little gem has sold over 1 million copies all around the globe and still entices people with its fresh and touching story.

2. Humour
Although Arundhati Roy switches back and forth between the past and the present, we see things mostly from the perspective of the twins when they were still kids.As a result, their naivety is almost omnipresent in the novel,and we cannot help but smile when we come across it. Indeed,their ignorance of the English language, the way they see people they dislike, their quarrels and the naive questions they ask,all contribute to the funny moments that will help in creating a bond between you and the twins.

3. Incredibly touching.
We get easily attached to the protagonists,especially because they’re full of goodness and innocence in a world characterized by greed,jealousy and bitterness.However, ‘The God of Small Things’ is no fairy book,and these characters often fall victim to the wrongdoings of others in the most miserable of ways.This injustice,consequently,renders the book incredibly touching.

4. The description
The way Roy describes the characters is full of wit,irony and funny allusions.As a result,you’ll never find ‘The God of Small Things’ boring.Instead, you will get easily amused and will find the book hard to put down.

5. A modern gem
The techniques used in this book are very similar to those found in other great modern novels,such as ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ and ‘Ulysses’. Indeed, Roy takes much freedom when narrating her story. For instance, the twins have the peculiar ability to spell things backwards,and often in the book,you’ll find words written in such a way. In this respect, ‘The God of Small Things’ is not written in the traditional and archaic prose. In fact,such modernistic idiosyncrasy contributes greatly to the novel’s success, as the book doesn’t make you feel like you’re reading something heavy;instead,it makes you feel like you’ve just embarked on a journey with the twins. A must-read!

Why you might not want to read ‘The God of Small Things’ :

1. None!
I know this book by heart,and I can’t find a reason why someone should not read it. Maybe,at the beginning,you’ll find the it hard to get into.However, if you’re a book-lover (not be confused with a fond reader of commercial books,like the Shopaholic series,or the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy),you will eventually indulge in the book and get attached to the characters,whose fate will break your heart by the end of the novel.

Verdict: I read this book more than 5 times in my life,and not once,has it failed to move me. The language,the pathos evoked,the humour,and the witty phrases are all unique idiosyncrasies that you will never find in any other book. I opine that we tend to dig too much in the past centuries to find literary masterpieces,when such modern gems as ‘The God of Small Things’ are lying right under our noses! So, do yourself a favour and read this book!

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3 thoughts on “Why you should read ‘The God of Small Things’”

  1. The way the story blooms is wonderful.Its narrative style is complete opposite from someone like Cormac McCarthy and yet beautiful.

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